New York state of mind.

Luvia and I went to New York for 2 weeks in September, and I am now getting around to finally posting some pictures. I took about 900 photos while I was there and going through which ones to post has made me fall in love all over again. It’s true what people say, New York is a magical, gritty, character filled city with all sorts of insanity and unique charm. I found a piece of my heart there; hopefully these pictures do some justice to the great time we had.

7 thoughts on “New York state of mind.

  1. Wow. Nice photos. 🙂

    The quality is amazing on them!

    What kind of camera set up were you using if you don’t mind revealing the secrets?

    I really liked the shot of the waterfront at the top. And nice “I see you too”/”big brother is watching you” type vibe from the shot with the eye billboard over the building. Ha. What’s the miniature a model of in the shot below the cop car?

    Pretty shot of the tree growing through the train tracks. Why no Liber8 tag going up on the board in the shot below though? 😉 You know besides that whole potential fine thing. Ha.

    Thanks for sharing part of your city journey with us!

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